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local reputation management - positive digital foot print analysis - how to delete digital footprint - protect your digital footprintIn today’s digital landscape, if you do not have a strong digital footprint, your business is non- existent. An online digital footprint is the phrase used to describe the traces or “footprints” people or businesses leave online. Your company website, directories (such as Yelp, Local.com, Google etc), social media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc), blogs, forums and other publications, Google Maps and anything else using Google are the most common footprints.

Local Reputation Edge is an online digital marketing agency whose prime focus is to ensure you or your business has an effective, positive and powerful digital footprint. We do this by developing, managing and marketing your “reputation” which consists of your reviews, local SEOs, videos, etc. The result is that you have prime exposure online and that you are easily found by new prospective customers. This leads to more qualified leads for your business.
Local Reputation is committed to help make the world a better place to live. We do this by offering pro bono consulting work to give in-depth research and analysis of a business’s digital footprint and reputation.

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