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online reputation management services - seo - google local services - local business directory submissions - reviewsIf you are not visible on Google, you cannot be found by potential customers who end up going to your competitors. Google processes over 1.3 trillion searches annually. Google dominates close to 90% of all online, mobile and organic search traffic globally. This leaves all the other search engines eating dust!

Using fishing as a metaphor, here’s how to have a successful fishing day: First, you must know the kind of fish you want to catch. Then you must have the right bait, the right fishing pole and line and you must know where to fish (in the ocean or a pond, salt water or fresh, and so on) in order to attract the catch you are going after.

Local Reputation Edge uses a similar technique to increase your visibility on Google so that the fish you seek swim right into your net! In today’s fast paced marketing landscape, it is crucial to have the customers find you rather than you spending valuable resources to find them.

The truth be known, it is now possible to gather customer reviews, local visibility and authority to maximize your presence online. Failing to see and keep ahead of this new marketing trend can result in a dismal bottom line. It is up to you whether or not to use this cutting edge marketing advantage. This technology exists and the time to use it is now!

Our online reputation management services will get your small-to-medium local business (even if it is a multi-location business) move reviews, more visibility and a bigger presence in Google, no matter what industry you are in. We’ll do 95% of the heavy lifting and then walk you step-by-step through the 5% that requires your input.

Local Reputation Edge has increased visibility to numerous local business owners, gain authority and be found. We can help you too! Let’s have a quick chat https://bookme.name/ileanakane.


Step 1

We ensure your business is listed on 25 to 40 important local directory sites like Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com, Angieslist.com and others. If you’re already listed on some, we will review and, if necessary, improve your listings. This is the most labor- intensive step.

We audit your competitors and the websites they utilize and identify sites that have high authority to your specific industry or region. We ensure you are listed on those websites as well.

Step 2

We optimize your business Google Places page. We make sure your basic information called NAP (Name, Address and Phone) are formatted properly.  We identify and implement the right categories for your business.

This part is ought to be fairly simple but there are many ways to get penalized by Google if your listing is filled out incorrectly.  A big part of what we do is to make sure your page complies with Google’s guidelines to avoid being penalized. Furthermore, we fix subtle problems and crafty bugs like duplicate Google pages that hurt your ranking.

Step 3

We attract more reviews from your customers by setting up a custom email campaign and connecting bi-directionally with your CRM, social media sites, help desk ticketing system and email system to capture testimonials and reviews.

We monitor all your business listings and review sites for instant alert and reports.

We ensure all your positive reviews are distributed to social media sites and so much more… using real-time streaming of your 4 and 5- star reviews to your website and Facebook page.

We set up your staff with an easy invite dashboard to invite customers to review via text or email.  We put the power of reviews back in your hands!

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Step 4

The last and most important step is to get the media on your side and promote your business.

We utilize our media network team to generate the right kind of publicity for your business.

You will gain the exposure and reap the awards of hundreds of keyword search engine results designed to give your business the credibility it deserves.  

Local Reputation Edge drives business to you each and every time a company searches for your product or services!

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