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“Be The LOCAL Expert” Online Business Interviews


Online Video Interview Services – Episode Features:

  • Hollywood style interview featuring primetime graphics and professional studio.
  • Professional spokesmodel host who introduces you and your business.
  • The video interview episode closes by asking the viewer to contact the company and displays the business information to take action.
  • You own the full online rights to the exclusive marketing interview video and you can distribute it anywhere on the web

Be The LOCAL Go To Expert In Your Industry

Local Reputation Edge Produces a Nationally Syndicated Show Called “Local Business Experts” Where We Feature YOU As The Authority Figure In Your Industry That People Will Turn To When They Want Trusted Advice.


How To Be The LOCAL Go To Expert

When potential clients see your online video interview they immediately place you in an industry expert status.


How To Get Massive Online Visibility

Because 94% of consumers consistently watch a video online each week, there is now more visibility and exposure online than television.

How To Have Your Voice Heard

When you speak about your industry in a non-sales way, people will listen, trust and buy from you when they are ready.

How To Get Increased Sales

The more visibility you get more people are exposed to you online, greatly increases  the chance of them eventually buying from you.  Business owners who use online video marketing grow revenue 49% faster than those which don’t

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video interview services - local business video marketingFrequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I have to be on video camera for the “Be The LOCAL Expert” Interview?

Absolutely not! We can customize and use several images from your business and industry to display while you are speaking in the background.  You can see an example of how this works above

What types of industries do you work with?

We work with a full spectrum of industries accountant, real estate, car wash, construction, cosmetic surgery, dental, legal, underground tank removal and numerous others.

Will this be my video when it is done?

Yes, it will be 100% yours! You will have the right to distribute it all over the internet as you see fit. You do not have the rights to air it on television however. We also reserve the right to use it on our properties.